ESXi 6.5 kickstart installation

Kickstart installation for ESXi 6.5 Use this method to carry out an ESXi installation in a few minutes.  In some previous posts here at mobiletiger I explained how to use different ways to install ESXi, mostly to get a workaround for some N3150/J3160 systems, which „freeze their screen“ after outputting the message „relocating modules …“ Other articles with similar topics […]

  Install VMware ESXi 5.5 / 6 successfully on Qotom J1900

Instant ESXi installation

Instant ESXi installation Fast, easy, headless … Read here, how to setup your ESXi 6 server on N3150/J3160 systems over the internet in only a few minutes!

Install VMware ESXi 6.x on ASRock N3150/J3160 Introduction There are cheap computers with N3150 chipset and Intel Celeron like my ASRock N3150 or J3160 ITX on the market which are energy efficient, small and extremely silent due to passive cooling. So I thought that such a system could be a platform for my personal ESXi server at home, because I […]